Why CashRich?

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Why CashRich?

Lifetime free account

No account opening charges. No transaction charges. No maintenance charges.

Paperless account opening

Quick and hassle-free account opening. Complete your account setup sitting at your home within few minutes.

Personalised Investment Options

No confusing dropdowns. Easy interface with shortlisted top investment schemes to suit your needs.

Start SIP

Start SIP directly from the app. Schedule automated monthly investments (SIP) to achieve your financial goals.

Dedicated Wealth Manager

Professionals with 20+ years of experience to help you plan your investments.

Instant Chat Support

One-touch chat support for quick resolution of your queries.

Secure Transactions

OTP and PIN verification to securely authenticate your transactions. Your money moves directly from your bank account into the mutual fund you choose.

Easy Withdrawal

One-tap withdrawal directly from the app. Money gets credited into the bank account associated with your CashRich investment account.


Our happy customers
Dhiraj Prakash

Pretty intuitive and functional app that just does what it says. Have been a big fan of the team behind this app as they help and advice you to choose the best route for your financial goal without overselling anything. Pretty darn neat and professional!

Rama Krishna Adepu

Clean interface and very easy way to invest and track investments.


I am an NRI and have been using this app for mutual fund investments in India. The CashRich team has helped to easily create my account without paperwork and also consolidate all my investments in one place. Good experience till now.

Alankrit Keshri

Understood how to invest in mutual funds really easily. Best app to invest in mutual funds.

About Us

You work very hard to earn money, so that you can achieve your dreams and aspirations. You must make sure that your money is managed properly.

CashRich is a simple investment app that will help you to manage your money with confidence.

You may want to save in the short term for a vacation, in the medium term to save tax, or long term for a house or children's education. The app provides personalised wealth management advice based on such financial goals.

You can set up your investment account in minutes without any paperwork. The app shows you the best-performing mutual funds from over 6000 schemes. You can invest or withdraw your money anytime in 2-3 taps. Your money moves directly from your bank account to the mutual fund house, and back. The app does not hold your money at any point.

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