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How CashRich Has Helped Mutual Fund Investors

What is Dynamic SIP?

CashRich is the only app that offers the ‘Dynamic SIP’ option, and helps to generate better returns than normal SIPs.

We love SIPs. We can make them better.

Suppose you are planning to buy an expensive smartphone and a large online sales is going to start in a few days. Within a few days, the smartphone may be available at a 20% discount. Would you buy now or wait for a few days?

Basic principle of investing: Buy Low, Sell High

If share market is at a relatively high level, Dynamic SIP automatically invests less in share market. Similarly, if share market falls (similar to discounts), then Dynamic SIP automatically invests more to generate better returns in the future.

You can stop, pause, change scheme or change SIP amount anytime. You can also withdraw your investments anytime from the app.

Download the CashRich app and try Dynamic SIP today!

We take customer support very seriously and are currently trusted by 100,000+ users.


When could you run out of money?

You can estimate when you could run out of money based on your current spending and investing habits. Download your free report by clicking on the button below.

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Why CashRich?

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Why CashRich?

Lifetime free account

No account opening charges. No transaction charges. No maintenance charges.

Paperless account opening

Quick and hassle-free account opening. Complete your account setup sitting at your home within few minutes.

Personalised Investment Options

No confusing dropdowns. Easy interface with shortlisted top investment schemes to suit your needs.

Start Dynamic or normal SIP

Start Dynamic or normal SIP directly from the app. Schedule automated monthly investments to achieve your financial goals.

The CashRich Advantage

You work hard to earn money so that you can realize your dreams. You may want to plan a vacation, reduce tax, create a college fund, buy a house, or manage your retirement fund.

CashRich, a simple wealth management app, helps its users to manage their money more confidently. It is powered by seasoned professionals with a collective market and investment experience of over 20 years.

Install the CashRich app on your Android phone or iPhone, and contact us for a free investment portfolio review.

Dedicated Wealth Manager

Professionals with 20+ years of experience to help you plan your investments.

Instant Chat Support

One-touch chat support for quick resolution of your queries.

Free Investment Portfolio Review

CashRich users can choose to get their investments reviewed for free to minimize tax, improve returns and cut down loss-making investments.

Easy Withdrawal

One-tap withdrawal directly from the app. Money gets credited into the bank account associated with your CashRich investment account.

Secure Transactions

CashRich uses a secure platform from Bombay Stock Exchange to process transactions.
Your money moves directly from your bank account to the mutual fund house and back.

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Dhiraj Prakash

Pretty intuitive and functional app that just does what it says. Have been a big fan of the team behind this app as they help and advice you to choose the best route for your financial goal without overselling anything. Pretty darn neat and professional!

Rama Krishna Adepu

Clean interface and very easy way to invest and track investments.


I am an NRI and have been using this app for mutual fund investments in India. The CashRich team has helped to easily create my account without paperwork and also consolidate all my investments in one place. Good experience till now.

Alankrit Keshri

Understood how to invest in mutual funds really easily. Best app to invest in mutual funds.

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